Rorie has received 3 dental implants.

“I have just completed my third implant with Dr Matt Sheldon and Dr Michel Furtado. The third implant was to replace a bridge and after having done two implants earlier there was no question in my mind to replace my bridge with an implant. I can’t say enough about the friendly staff and how comfortable they make you feel. The whole procedure is painless and I would never consider anything else but an implant should the need arise in the future, nor would I consider going anywhere else but to Dr Matt and Dr Furtado. I trust them to have my best interest in mind. ”
— Rorie, a current and future patient.

Dan’s Story

“After attending a seminar at Dr Sheldons office, I was impressed with the doctors and staff and all the valuable information provided and made an appointment. My first visit for evaluation was very enlightening and personal . I have begun my treatments and am very pleased with the results. I have been treated very well. The physicians are friendly and down to earth. Each and every staff member is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The entire office takes a holistic stance on dental care. I would recommend this office to anyone seeking comprehensive dental care.”


AngelaAngela received treatment for bone loss, brittle teeth, missing teeth, headaches and TMJ

“My procedure has lightened the migraine headaches caused by TMJ and replacement of missing teeth and brittle teeth due to years of medication and also an accident. Dr. Sheldon and ALL of the staff from the front desk and bookkeeping were always compassionate, very pleasant and always put me at ease.”

– Angela

AntoinetteAntoinette received care for gum disease

“I first came to Dr. Sheldon’s office two years ago for problems with gums and bone loss. I had the treatments done and I’m pain free. I have had a fear of dentists like lots of people in my age group. Everyone in the office is kind and gentle. I no longer have fear or panic attacks when I have an appointment. Absolutely the best office in town!”

– Antoinette

GaryGary received endoscopy treatment for his severe gum problem

“I had gum problems and Dr. Sheldon is responsible for saving my teeth. He is easy to talk to and he gave me my smile back.”

— Gary

BeverlyBeverly received five implants and crowns, bone grafts and tissue grafts.

“Ever since I was young, I was always afraid and nervous about going to the dentist. Therefore, I would delay going, or didn’t go at all.

“Boy, have things changed now since I’ve been going to Dr. Sheldon. Dr. Sheldon and his staff are so caring, always in good spirits and definitely love their job! They are always working hard to make you comfortable, at ease and give you the very best care along with a great job.

“I had five implants placed, sinus lift, bone grafts and tissue grafts with ease. Dr. Sheldon’s work was to perfection and made my visits easy and comfortable. Because of my experience at Dr. Sheldon’s office, I no longer dread going in to have work done on my teeth. I can’t thank Dr. Sheldon and his staff enough for what they have given me… perfect, gorgeous teeth and a beautiful smile.

“Thanks from the bottom of my heart!”


jenniferJennifer replaced a cracked tooth with a dental implant

“I had a cracked tooth and heard about Dr. Sheldon and Dr. Furtado’s implant work. The doctors were very thorough in explaining the procedure and the benefits of dental implants. Everyone in the office was so friendly and professional. I was always very comfortable and felt like I was in good hands.”

“I am so happy I made the choice to get the dental implant. I can now chew my food without any pain, and it feels like my
natural tooth. I am very grateful for the excellent care I received from Dr. Sheldon’s office and would highly recommend this office to anyone.”


WalterWalter received eight dental implants

“I used to have upper and lower partials that were unsightly and uncomfortable. Now i have eight dental implants and smile all the time. My treatment from Dr.Sheldon and his staff has been outstanding. Everyone in his office makes me feel so comfortable that i no longer am afraid to go to the dentist. Through these years that i have been a patient of Dr. Sheldon I feel like part of their family.”


SteveSteve received a dental bridge

“The treatment was explained in detail. The dentist was gentle and patient, stopping whenever I needed a break. Now I can eat anything I want and have a great smile, which causes me to smile more than ever before.”


Dr. David Che“Dr. Lee Sheldon is one of the most talented periodontists I’ve ever observed. I have done numerous implant cases with him and his implant placement techniques are second to none. His vast experience allows him to make the best clinical decisions regarding treatment.

“He is always up to date on the latest trends and materials. He also uses high tech in office scanning equipment to confirm the implants are placed in the correct position, something I rarely see elsewhere. If I ever personally need an implant placed, I already know who I’m going to!”

—David Che, DDS, Cocoa Beach, Florida

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Lee Sheldon for over 20 years and have been working with him professionally since I began my practice in Brevard county over 5 years ago. In that time we have collaborated on numerous therapies for our patients and I can say that Dr. Sheldon delivers quality and compassion to each and every one of them. He has taken the time to further his knowledge and understanding to utilize the most current state of the art concepts in dentistry and this combined with his decades of experience make him a tremendous resource to not only patients but other dentists such as myself.

Dr. Sundeep Rawal“Joint treatment of patients with Dr. Sheldon has been efficient, our communication is easy, and my patients tell me every time just “how nice Dr. Sheldon is…”

—Dr. Sundeep Rawal

Dr. Ryan Caudill“Dr. Sheldon and his team treat patients with unsurpassed customer service that will make you feel truly cared for. I am always confident they utilize not only the latest in periodontal advances and technology but also will have a complete understanding about how these advances can increase patient’s experiences and outcomes.”

—Dr. Ryan Caudill, Orthodontist

“I have known Dr. Lee Sheldon for close to 10 years. Our relationship began at the University of Florida while I was completing my residency in Periodontics. Dr. Sheldon was one of my clinical instructors. I have always had the greatest admiration for Dr. Sheldon’s clinical skills. In addition, his sincere and compassionate demeanor for his patients and colleagues set him apart. On numerous occasions, Dr. Sheldon has assisted me with various clinical and nonclinical matters.

“Lastly, I have had the honor of being a member of a blog that Dr. Sheldon and I participate with. His contributions are greatly respected and appreciated by myself and many other periodontists and oral surgeons. I am grateful for Dr. Sheldon’s invaluable wisdom and friendship.”

—Dennis B. Davis DMD, MS

“Hello Folks, I am a dentist. Several years ago, I chose to travel to – and be cared for by – Dr. Lee Sheldon for my periodontal treatment. Dr. Sheldon is highly educated. He has continued to pursue sophisticated training courses over the years beyond the training required by his DMD degree and his specialty training in periodontics. Dr. Sheldon and his staff are welcoming, thorough and professional.

“They start with a complete exam including assessing the patient’s presenting condition and measuring pocket depths. Of course, presumably all periodontists measure pocket depths, but not all general dentists do, despite the fact that they should. Pocket depth can give a great deal of information about the health of your tissues and therefore the viability of your remaining bone to support your teeth. Dr. Sheldon is thorough and competent, but he does not over-diagnose or over-treat. He will tell you what you need and not create extra work or trauma.

“What is special in addition is that Dr. Sheldon also has a great sense of humor. I like that because, when I can laugh, I can feel more at ease. Don’t think this means that Dr. Sheldon will take your work lightly. He won’t. But he is easy to talk to and to laugh with – when appropriate – and that can make a could-be-anxiety-producing situation a whole lot more comfortable. I highly recommend Dr. Sheldon and would look forward to having my next surgery with him if I ever need to have such again. He is also very conscientious in following through to make sure you are okay after the surgery. I am glad to recommend Dr. Lee Sheldon for your periodontal treatment.”

—Gail Halperin, DDS

“As a colleague and friend I am happy to endorse Dr. Lee Sheldon in his efforts to provide a first class treatment to the vast array of patients who seek his care. While I am not a patient I have for many years up to today regarded Lee as a Mentor and a friend. He is kind, pleasant and is committed to bringing out the best in others.

“Lee epitomizes professionalism and innovation and is easy to work with because of his compassion and friendliness. I wish him continued success with Solid Bite. If he treats his patients the same way he treats his mentees then Florida will be filled with happy folks.”

—Dr. Kendal V.O. Major, Periodontist, Dental Implants, Nassau, Bahamas

“Not only did I work for Dr. Sheldon for over 7 years, I was also a patient. Dr. Sheldon is one of the most caring and gentle clinicians I have ever encountered in my career. He takes the time to get to know his patients on a personal level striving for them to have better health on a holistic level, as much of your overall health depends on your oral health. If you need periodontics or dental implants, Dr. Sheldon is your man. Last, but not least, his staff is as knowledgeable and caring as he is. Call them today and be on your way to better health.”

—Catheryn Hendry, RN

“Dr. Lee Sheldon taught me some amazing clinical techniques while I was completing my residency at the University of Florida, where he was an associate clinical professor. I admire Dr. Sheldon for his holistic approach to the treatment of periodontal disease; I believe this clinical approach truly puts the needs of patients first – and of course, it works! He is an outstanding clinician and a true genius in the field of periodontics.”

—Jamie Amir, BDS, MS

“Lee might truly be described as both an innovator and a maverick in the field of Periodontics, perpetually seeking truth over accepted belief through contemporary scientific research. When found, he then effectively implements those new treatment concepts that will best benefit his patients, into his armamentarium of available therapies.”

—Colin S. Richman DMD, Atlanta, Georgia

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