The Importance of Saliva For A Healthy Smile

The Role of Saliva in Oral Health: More Than Just Moisture When it comes to oral health, most people focus on teeth and gums. However, at Solid Bite, our Melbourne, FL, dentists, Dr. Lee Sheldon, Dr. Matt Sheldon, and Dr. Michel Furtado, emphasize the crucial role of an often-overlooked component: saliva. This remarkable fluid does far more than just keep … Read More

Cavity Causes & Prevention in Melbourne, FL 

Shining a Light on Tooth Decay: Causes, Risks, and Prevention Tips Tooth decay is a common dental issue that affects people of all ages, and neglecting it can cause pain and discomfort and even cost you a pretty penny in dental bills. Fortunately, with a little knowledge and some simple practices, you can keep your smile healthy and bright.  The … Read More

Lifestyle Choices & Oral Health 

Everyday Choices Matter: Diet, Smoking, and More Your oral health is intricately linked to your overall well-being, and the choices you make daily can significantly impact the health of your teeth and gums. At Solid Bite, your local Melbourne, FL, dental practice, we understand the importance of educating our patients on the role lifestyle plays in maintaining a healthy smile.  … Read More

How Environment Affects Oral Health 

Environment & Oral Health: How Pollution and Climate Change Impact Your Smile At Solid Bite, our Melbourne, FL, dentists and staff understand the importance of maintaining a healthy, radiant smile. However, did you know that environmental factors like pollution and climate change can have a significant impact on your oral health? These external influences can compromise your oral hygiene efforts … Read More

No High Pressure

Dr. Lee Sheldon Let me highlight some Google reviews that our office has received: “…no pressure to commit to everything they recommend.”   “…they tell you what you need and won’t sell you on unnecessary things.”  “The most honest and caring providers and staff!” Why highlight this? Because honesty should be the hallmark of any business. If these patients made … Read More

The Diabetes/Dental Relationship

Dr. Lee Sheldon Let’s introduce a term to you, “neutrophil chemotaxis.” The neutrophil is the white blood cell whose primary function is to engulf and kill bacteria in your bloodstream. Chemotaxis is the movement of a cell toward a chemical stimulant. In this case, bacteria send out a chemical. The neutrophil senses the chemical and moves toward the bacteria with … Read More

The “Have To’s” and the “Want To’s”

Dr. Lee Sheldon When you hear a treatment plan from a dentist, there are several steps involved in such a plan. Sometimes, with many steps and a lack of understanding about each step, it’s easy to get lost or overwhelmed by the treatment presentation. My job as a consulting periodontist is not to sell dentistry. Of course, to be crass, … Read More

Why Fractured Calculus is Dangerous

Dr. Lee Sheldon Last month, we wrote about “fractured calculus” that could be left on the root surface during a scaling procedure for periodontal disease. But there’s more to it than that. The rough shards of fractured calculus have holes like Swiss cheese within them. These holes have a scientific name, “lacunae.” The lacunae are not empty. They are filled … Read More

Calculus–That is the “Root” of Periodontal Disease

Dr. Lee Sheldon Let’s get down to fundamentals, fundamentals of how you can keep your teeth. Let’s let go of the commercials, the promises, the TV ads, many of which say that the only answer to periodontal disease is dental implants. Let’s look at the basics of healing.  In a landmark paper about to be released in the Journal of … Read More

How to Tell You Need Your Teeth Extracted Due to Periodontal Disease

Dr. Lee Sheldon Literally every day, people are having all of their teeth extracted due to periodontal disease. They are told that they have deep pockets and that they are only going to get worse; that they need to extract the teeth before they lose all of the bone support. This is a fatalistic view of periodontal disease. And frankly, … Read More