How to Tell You Need Your Teeth Extracted Due to Periodontal Disease

Dr. Lee Sheldon Literally every day, people are having all of their teeth extracted due to periodontal disease. They are told that they have deep pockets and that they are only going to get worse; that they need to extract the teeth before they lose all of the bone support. This is a fatalistic view of periodontal disease. And frankly, … Read More

Is it Your Age That’s Preventing You from Enjoying Life?

Dr. Lee Sheldon Do you want to know what one of the most common phrases I hear? “If I were (name the younger age), I could see doing it. But at my age…” Is age the barrier? Or is your age the justification? Restoring teeth correctly or extracting them and putting in implants has a significant cost. Some will want … Read More

How to be Your Own Health Consultant

Dr. Lee Sheldon You can be a successful health consultant for yourself.  Here’s how: A person may be a product of his or her experiences. However, one creates those experiences rather than falls victim to them. If you don’t like the experiences, create different ones that you do like.  What may seem good for others may not be good for … Read More

I Want to Date Again

Dr. Lee Sheldon You have lost a spouse. He or she means the world to you.   As the grieving diminishes, a new thought enters. What do you do to replace the socialization that you once had? Some address that question with anticipation. Others have some reluctance. You may feel that the introduction to dating is sometimes hampered by the … Read More

The Advantage of the Patient Advocate

Dr. Lee Sheldon How important is it for you to have a loved one or friend attend a critical doctor’s visit?  Patients often see us to make long-term decisions for their dental care. Things have deteriorated to the point where specialty care is needed.  The new patient sees us for a two-hour visit where x-rays, CT scan, and a full … Read More

Why Shouldn’t You Do Dental Implants?

Dr. Lee Sheldon When I placed my first implant in 1986, I had to educate patients on why a dental implant may be a good thing. Now, 34 years later, everyone has heard of dental implants. Moreover, with all of the marketing for dental implants, we often have an inflated view of what dental implants can do.  So let’s go … Read More

Pearly whites in a flash

New technology allows patients to get new teeth in 1 hour or less BY SUSAN JENKS FLORIDA TODAY  Instead of a denture flapping around inside his mouth, Robert Redfern has a new set of permanent teeth — at least the upper half — which he got in less than an hour. Promoted as “Teeth in an Hour,” the trademark procedure relies … Read More

Solid Bite Dentist Dr. Matthew Sheldon Named to Prestigious ‘40 Under 40’ List

Melbourne practitioner receives national recognition from Incisal Edge magazine Melbourne, Fla. (July 15, 2020) – Incisal Edge, a nationwide magazine covering the dental profession, has named Dr. Matthew Sheldon as one of the top 40 dentists in the country under age 40. Dr. Sheldon is a dentist at Solid Bite, a reconstructive periodontal and dental practice in Melbourne, Fla., where his services to patients include … Read More

Eastern Florida State College Bulletin Board on Effects of Smoking

Smoking Kills Your Smile: The Correlation of Smoking & Gum Recession Risk factors Smoking tobacco, Vaping, Hookah Aggressive brushing Poor oral hygiene and lack of dental cleanings Plaque Buildup Warning Signs Red or swollen gums Tender or bleeding gums Painful chewing Loose & Sensitive teeth Gums that have pulled away from your teeth Treatment Tissue grafting Bone grafting If tooth … Read More

The Smile May Be Your Most Important Asset

Dr. Lee Sheldon Many of my patients tell me that they want a great smile. Others are reluctant to do something for their smile. After all, it’s only cosmetics.   So let me tell you a story. A man in his early 60’s was thinking about doing something for his smile. He had thought about it for over twenty years. … Read More