Solid Bite℠ Immediate

Teeth on the Very Same Day as Implant Placement

Solid Bite Immediate

With new technology you can have a new set of teeth on the very same day as tooth extraction and implant placement!

With traditional implant treatment, you have to wait months for your implants to heal before having functional new teeth. Our Solid Bite Immediate is a new implant surgery system that streamlines the treatment process and provides you with teeth in record time.

This revolutionary system is fully computer enabled. The majority of work is done on the computer before you ever get to the office, so your surgery time is reduced. With Solid Bite Immediate, you can have extractions, implants, and teeth placed all on the same day. Denture wearers can have the same advantage with Solid Bite Immediate.

The first doctor in central Florida to do the Teeth-in-an-Hour® procedure

Solid Bite Immediate

Instead of a denture flapping around inside his mouth, Robert Redfern now has a new set of permanent upper teeth which he got in less than an hour thanks to Dr. Lee Sheldon. Mr. Redfern was Dr. Sheldon’s first Teeth-in-an-Hour® patient, and the first in all of Central Florida as well.

Nobel Biocare’s advanced computer software enabled Dr. Sheldon to avoid having to do a sinus lift – a fairly common problem in implant procedures – in order to put a metal post in, thus saving Mr. Redfern from having to undergo surgery. In about an hour he had a new set of permanent teeth.

Mr. Redfern, a former high school physics teacher in upstate New York, had no complaints. He said that he didn't feel a thing because he was lightly anesthetized for the procedure. After the procedure he described his new teeth as just the same as having good natural teeth.

We have advanced that process even further with Solid Bite Immediate.

Who are candidates for Solid Bite Immediate?

Solid Bite Immediate can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. If you struggle with wearing dentures, have suffered tooth loss through gum disease or dental decay, have congenitally missing teeth or have lost teeth in a traumatic accident, you may be a candidate for Solid Bite Immediate.

Based on the number of teeth involved, the type of teeth to be replaced and your dental health, our doctors will determine if you are indeed a candidate for Solid Bite Immediate. The best way to find out for sure if you are a candidate is to see Drs. Sheldon, Sheldon, and Furtado for a Dental Implant Exam and Evaluation.

New Patient Special Offer

Solid Bite Immediate

The first step in getting Solid Bite Immediate is a comprehensive exam, X-rays and consultation with our team of dentists led by Dr. Lee Sheldon.

  • Comprehensive oral exam
  • Digital X-rays (if needed)
  • 3D X-ray (CT Scan)
  • Gum disease charting
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Discuss your treatment options
  • Get any questions answered
  • Get a second opinion

For only $99. (Normally $641)

How Solid Bite Immediate works

Drs. Sheldon, Sheldon, and Furtado  use a computer to preplan the Solid Bite Immediate procedure, customizing the placement of each implant inside your mouth, using several images taken through a CT scan. By combining computer images and planning directly with our laboratory, our doctors come up with the ideal position for each implant. By planning the implant procedure in advance, we also can prepare the temporary teeth in advance so they are ready to be placed directly following the surgical procedure.

We create your design with our custom laboratory to create a surgical guide. Dr. Furtado then uses that surgical guide to establish the bone foundation and implant placement by fastening it directly to your jaw bone. The guide enables him to drill the holes exactly where the implants are placed in the computer plan. The end result is that you walk out with new teeth on the very same day!

Learn more about the Solid Bite procedure here.

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