Dental Bridges in Melbourne

dental bridges in melbourne

If one or more missing teeth have created a gap in your smile, a dental bridge just may be your ideal solution. A bridge is a natural-looking device that’s custom-made to fill that gap in your smile while also preserving your teeth’s alignment.

Our dental bridges are made from porcelain, which is considered a top-quality modern dental bridge building material, fused to metal or ceramics. Our dentists have decades of combined dental bridge experience and have training in restorative dentistry, including dental bridges.

We can bridge that gap in your smile just as we have done for hundreds of Brevard County residents. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable throughout the procedure and will keep you informed of what we’re doing while we bridge that gap. Our main goal is to make sure you have good function and esthetics.

We use Digital Impressions

Our intraoral scanners use a wand with a tiny camera on it that takes thousands of pictures of your mouth and teeth. The scanner captures all the same areas that are captured with the goop. They are more accurate and faster than the traditional goop. This benefits patients in many ways. It’s precise, you can take breaks in the middle of the impression if you need to, and there’s no mess.

When is it good to use a dental bridge?

dental bridge

A dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth.

Replacing missing teeth can improve both appearance and dental health. That’s because gaps between your teeth can cause dental problems if they aren’t repaired. Even if you have only one missing tooth that others can’t even see, filling that gap can prevent future chewing problems. Moreover, if just one tooth is missing, other teeth can drift out of place, which leads to bite and/or jaw problems.

Based on a very thorough exam, X-rays and consultation, Drs. Sheldon, Sheldon, and Furtado will help you choose your best restorative option. There are various alternatives for one to two missing teeth – or even several missing teeth.

A fixed bridge, also known as a fixed partial denture, is the most popular bridge and is comprised of a filler tooth that’s attached to two crowns that fit over existing teeth and hold the bridge in place. The artificial tooth or teeth literally “bridge the gap” between natural teeth. A fixed bridge is non-removable and offers a very esthetic, natural replacement for missing teeth.

Fixed bridges vs. single-tooth implants

fixed bridge

With a dental implant there is no need to grind down your heathy adjacent teeth.

Fixed bridges work well for patients who already have crowns, or who need crowns, on the teeth around the missing tooth or teeth. But if the teeth next to the missing tooth are healthy, instead of using a bridge to fill the gap, we may recommend using a single implant to replace the missing tooth. This way there is no need to alter your healthy teeth.

The single-tooth implant essentially replaces the natural tooth. It is placed in the area of the missing tooth and functions just like a natural tooth, but it won’t decay. Bridges have an average lifespan of only around ten years, while implants can last much longer.

Your conservative solution

Because they avoid the unnecessary cutting of healthy teeth as with a fixed bridge, implants are a more conservative solution to replacing missing teeth. Implants are also easier than a bridge to keep clean and free from bacteria. Implants also help to retain jawbone structure as the implant root is keeping the jawbone stimulated. But with a dental bridge, bone can begin to recede, causing a gap at the gumline in your smile.

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