Full Dental Rehabilitation in Melbourne

Full Dental Rehabilitation Melbourne

No matter the condition of your teeth and gums, we can have you proudly smiling again.

Restore your smile to full health and beauty

Your new smile starts with a comprehensive exam

Full Dental Rehabilitation Melbourne

One of the first steps is getting full 3D images of your mouth so we can see the condition of your teeth.

No matter how many smiles we have helped perfect, we are well aware that each case needs to be customized to the patient. After all, everyone is different and therefore has unique needs. During your exam we will find out exactly what you’d like to change about your smile. We want to make sure we know what's important to you before recommending any procedures.

Your treatment plan

Drs. Sheldon, Sheldon, and Furtado will create a treatment plan, using high-quality materials and advanced procedures that will precisely fit your needs. Depending on the procedures that will be involved, we may create a model of what we expect your smile to look like after full-mouth rehabilitation. You’ll review this model with us and decide the form, shape, and color of your teeth. The choice is always yours.

Our team often uses a computer program which provides a digital image of what an ideal smile would look like on your face. That way, you can see the potential of your new smile before having any work done.

Our full-mouth rehabilitation process

If you have missing, extensively decayed or compromised teeth, our doctors will devise a treatment plan designed to restore your mouth to full health, function and aesthetics. Our planning allows you a beautiful smile, renewed chewing ability and a comfortable, restored mouth.

Full-mouth rehabilitation procedures

Full Dental Rehabilitation Melbourne

Implant-supported dentures are used when you have lost all your teeth or your teeth can't be salvaged.

Our doctors have seen how a restored smile can lead to increased confidence, improved overall well-being and a better quality of life. So we take our work quite seriously. Our goal is to provide you with top quality full-mouth rehabilitation in a comfortable and friendly environment.

There are various advanced procedures we can use to restore your oral health and give you a beautiful, natural-looking smile. In all cases, we use our extensive experience to assess what is the best combination of procedures to use to create your new smile.

  • Dental Implant: An artificial tooth that’s anchored in the jawbone to replace a missing tooth.
  • Implant-supported Denture: A type of overdenture that is supported by and attached to implants but is still removable.
  • Implant-supported Bridge: An implant-supported bridge is a fixed dental appliance that replaces teeth without support from adjacent natural teeth.
  • Denture: An artificial replacement for one or several teeth (partial denture) or for all of the teeth (full denture) in either or both jaws.
  • Crown: A type of restoration that covers or “caps” all or most of the natural tooth.
  • Bridge: A fixed dental appliance that replaces a missing permanent tooth or teeth, that’s normally attached to adjacent teeth to help support the missing tooth or teeth.

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