Does Dentistry Have to be Expensive?

You are encountering dental failure. Often that occurs because of years of neglect. Constant sugar intake, medications that dry out the mouth, fear of dentistry, are the three most common reasons that I see for tooth loss. If you are young and reading this,  you can prevent tooth loss.  

But let’s assume that you have dropped the ball. And now you are in need of major dental care. What do you do? My recommendation. Start gathering opinions.  

Look back fifty years ago and understand that there are still inexpensive ways to replace your teeth. Tooth extraction is the least expensive way of treating a tooth. Removable dentures are relatively inexpensive, 

But what happens if you don’t want to go that route?  A good dentist can help you navigate the different treatments and the costs associated with those treatments. There are different levels of treatment, even in our office which is known for high-end work. It is a matter of thinking a case through, looking at your budget, and finding something that fits. And yes, sometimes no treatment is the best treatment. Imagine if a person has a few bad teeth in the back of the mouth. He or she cannot afford dental implants. But the smile is still good. Do you have to replace the back teeth right away? No.

Extract the bad teeth that are infected. Budget for tooth replacement.  A good dentist will help you do that. You don’t have to do it all at once. 

In a previous article, I mentioned the “have to’s,” the painful or infected teeth, and the “want to’s,” the things that you want to do to rebuild your bite and your smile.  Separate those two items out and you will be able to take your dental care a step at time. 

Lee N. Sheldon, DMD

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