The Formula to Dental Success

How can people reduce their dental expenses? What are the keys to dental success?  What are the common things that people do to ruin their teeth?

Here are the items that I find most commonly:

  1. Sugar– People are consuming way too much. From candy to bottled drinks and every snack food in between, sugar has gone from a treat to a commonplace accompaniment to every meal. Stop it and I’ll have less to do.
  2. Medications–Yes, most medications cause dry mouth. Dry mouth is acidic. Acids dissolve tooth enamel.  If your lifestyle is causing you to need medications, change the lifestyle and show your doctor the improvement. The doctor will gladly take you off the medication. Don’t withdraw from prescribed medication though without medical supervision. 
  3. Illegal drugs–If you see your teeth dissolving as a result of something that you shouldn’t do, you are about to get into dentures. 
  4. Bad oral hygiene– It’s just a matter of cleaning your teeth thoroughly once a day. Get an electric toothbrush. It’s better than a manual one for most. And use something between the teeth. Besides floss, you can find other aids that go between the teeth. Interproximal brushes, irrigators, enhanced floss are all good options.
  5. Avoiding dental care–Okay, you had a bad experience as a kid. I hear it a lot, unfortunately. It’s not that way anymore. Make the appointment and see how dentistry had improved. 

If you fall into one of the above five categories, what are you doing about it?  If you need help, dentists, hygienists, dental assistants, nutritionists, and other health professionals are there to help. If you need one or want to read more on the subject, email us at, and we’ll send you a pdf of our book, The Ultimate Mouth Manual at no charge. 

Lee N. Sheldon, DMD

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