Why Our Treatment Coordinators Make all the Difference

“I go to the dentist. I don’t understand what he or she is talking about. It’s all so new, so different, so expensive.”

Are those words that you’ve heard? Maybe said?

Our treatment coordinators are the answer to that problem. Let me tell you about Laura and Jill. They trained with Danyel, our long-time office manager, and me. I am so proud of them.

They talk with you, find out your needs and wants, take x-rays and photos. I have taught them how to read x-rays, how to do a dental analysis. So they are good at giving suggestions on what can be done to solve your problem. Of course, it is our doctors who make the treatment decisions. But it’s our treatment coordinators who help you understand your options. Our patients have so much confidence in them because of their knowledge and because they care about our patients. Don’t be surprised if Laura or Jill asks me a question about your problem during your examination. Because when they ask me a question, they think about you and what you might ask.

Recently, the vice president of a national dental marketing company interviewed Danyel and me about why we do so well with our patients. The interview lasted about an hour and will be used by that marketing company for their clients. Here are the comments from the interviewer. “Danyel, you are the best of the best. To do what you do means that you have to have highly trained staff members. But the most important part is that it’s not about the money. It’s about caring for your patients. I feel so good, so uplifted by this interview.”

What more could I want for my patients?