How to Tell You Need Your Teeth Extracted Due to Periodontal Disease

Dr. Lee Sheldon

Literally every day, people are having all of their teeth extracted due to periodontal disease. They are told that they have deep pockets and that they are only going to get worse; that they need to extract the teeth before they lose all of the bone support. This is a fatalistic view of periodontal disease. And frankly, it is untrue.

Here is a general rule. If your teeth are not loose, they can be saved.  The statement, “Once you have lost bone support it can’t come back,” is also untrue. We’ve seen bone come back numerous times. And if we get to the source of the problem, bone loss stops. 

If you are told that you need to extract your teeth, you should make an appointment for a second opinion with a periodontist. Periodontists are not all the same. We have different philosophies, different methods of treatment. But we know how to save teeth. If you’re not referred, you can go to a periodontist self-referred. 

We are bombarded with commercials that say you can have all your teeth extracted, put in dental implants, and that is the end of your problem.  Unfortunately, those who lose teeth to periodontal disease also have a tendency toward periodontal disease around dental implants. 

In our practice, we do lots of dental implants. And, in our practice, we look at both sides of the equation, saving teeth vs. replacing teeth with dental implants.  And therefore, we, as periodontists, can help you make the best decision for your tooth or teeth, saving them or extracting them. 

Wouldn’t it be better to save your natural teeth, if at all possible?  See a periodontist.

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