I Want to Date Again

Dr. Lee Sheldon

You have lost a spouse. He or she means the world to you.   As the grieving diminishes, a new thought enters. What do you do to replace the socialization that you once had? Some address that question with anticipation. Others have some reluctance.

You may feel that the introduction to dating is sometimes hampered by the appearance of your teeth. With your spouse, as you aged together, the little dental changes that occurred might have been accepted. But now, it’s first impression time again. The smile is a big part of that first impression. 

Spaces, stains, missing teeth, loose teeth, all happen over a period of time. Now it’s time to correct all of that to present the “new you” to the public. There are some dentists who are well-trained, well-experienced in full mouth reconstruction.  That is where you want to start, with someone who does this on a regular basis. 

Once you find the right dentist, then it is off to the planning stages. Just as an architect draws the plans for the new house before the contractor goes to work, so it is for the reconstructive dentist.  Tooth shape, color, gum tissue, tooth spacing, bone for potential dental implants, and jaw relationship all have to be assessed. Photographs are most important.  And then there are different options and the costs associated with those options. This is a once in a lifetime decision. You need to feel completely comfortable with the dentist, with the staff, and most importantly, with the expectations that you have. Do they match what the dentist feels that he or she can accomplish?

I’ve seen new relationships start and blossom as a result of a smile reconstruction. If your smile is holding you back from enjoying life, find a great dentist, and start enjoying life again.