Is it Your Age That’s Preventing You from Enjoying Life?

Dr. Lee Sheldon

Do you want to know what one of the most common phrases I hear? “If I were (name the younger age), I could see doing it. But at my age…”

Is age the barrier? Or is your age the justification?

Restoring teeth correctly or extracting them and putting in implants has a significant cost. Some will want to invest. Some won’t. Some will use their age as an excuse. Some decide at whatever age that they finally want the opportunity to smile and to chew well.

Our oldest full arch dental implant patient was 102 when he decided that he’d make the change. He was sick of regluing, sick of choosing the foods that he could chew rather than wanted to chew. I talked to him to be sure that he understood the commitment, both financially and otherwise, to do the procedure. Of course, we contacted his physician regarding the medical risk. He’s now chewing and smiling as he never has before.

The older you are, the fewer things you can enjoy. Smiling and chewing are the highlights of nearly every older person’s day. Rather than looking for the item on the menu that you can chew, isn’t it better to choose the food that you enjoy? Rather than hide your teeth, isn’t it better to show off your beautiful smile?

Of course, restoring your smile correctly in a mouth with significant damage has a significant cost if it’s going to be done right. And for many, rather than talk about age, wouldn’t it be appropriate to consider what you are thinking about day in and day out? If it’s your mouth, maybe the investment will be worth it.

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