Our First Week Back

I thought that things might be slow coming back to work. Nothing is further from the truth. Our new patient line almost did not stop ringing last week. So if we called you and missed you, please call us to schedule your visit. We look forward to seeing you again.

The governor told us that we could resume practice last Monday. But we wanted to be prepared as we have introduced a number of new protocols for you. So Monday and Tuesday were staff training days. Then, we drilled every new protocol. Finally, we did a “soft schedule” on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Everything and everyone is doing great. Patients are happy. Staff is happy. Doctors are happy.

We also have our Solid Bite Virtual School in place for the children of our staff as well as our newest staff member, a pre-school teacher, to supervise them.

I thought you might want to see a few pictures:

– Lee Sheldon

Solid Bite Virtual School

One of our virtual school students busy creating her PowerPoint on the bill of rights.

Our Phones Are Busy

Preparing for Your Visit

Washing & Rinsing

Protecting You

Always the Best Technology

We Look A Little Different

But the goal is still the same.