The Principles of Our Practice

1.     You will be fully informed of the work that we are doing and the reasons for that work.

2.     You should expect a logical sequence of treatment for your entire mouth, with infections always given the first priority. 

3.     You should expect that we are thinking about your entire dentition when we make decisions. 

4.     You should expect that if we can do a treatment plan in phases, rather than do the whole thing at one time, we shall if you desire.  

5.     You should expect treatment plan alternatives with the risks and/or rewards as well as the finances clearly spelled out. 

6.     You should expect no pressure exerted by us in our presentation to you, just the facts as we see them. 

7.     You should expect that we are fully competent to do the work that we are doing and, if not, that we will refer to a specialist who is.

8.     You should expect that the teeth that we are choosing to treat are healthy or can be made healthy as a result of treatment.

9.     Where we have doubts, we will tell you.

10.  If you don’t need treatment, we won’t recommend treatment.

11.  You will receive a full range of anesthesia options.

12.  You should expect to be treated kindly and fairly.