The Smile May Be Your Most Important Asset

Dr. Lee Sheldon

Many of my patients tell me that they want a great smile. Others are reluctant to do something for their smile. After all, it’s only cosmetics.  

So let me tell you a story. A man in his early 60’s was thinking about doing something for his smile. He had thought about it for over twenty years. He had spaces between his teeth. The spaces were getting wider. He’d done local television for years and saw the spaces widening. He started to adjust his head, sit at specific camera angles so that the biggest space would be hidden from the camera. He found himself consciously reducing the broadness of his smile. He had a consultant who suggested that he do something. And then he saw a dentist who did a mock-up of what his smile could look like. After over twenty years, I decided to get veneers. 

Yes the “he” is “I.”  It has now been about eight years. I smile as broadly as I want. I’m still doing TV and have a national organization for which I do frequent videos. The organization is booming. I show off my teeth to my patients so that they can see what veneers are.

I am frequently amazed at the life improvement that occurs when someone fixes his or her smile. Jobs, relationships, self-confidence all soar. That impediment is gone. He, she, you, and I can tackle life in a new sense of resolve, a new sense of certainty. 

A smile can be one of your most important assets or a lead weight that drags you down. There has never been a better time to improve your smile. If you’ve thought even a little about it, get a smile analysis. The changes that occur may be earth-shattering.

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